Marc Jeschke


Sunnybrook Research Institute
2075 Bayview Avenue, Room D704, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4N3M5
Research Interests
Inflammation, Metabolism, Adaptive Immunity, Infectious Diseases, Innate Immunity
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Dr. Marc G Jeschke is a Senior Scientist and the Director of the Ross Tilley Burn Center at Sunnybrook Health Science Center. He is a Professor in the Department of Surgery, Department of Immunology and the Institute of Medical Science. The focus of his work is translational research with the employment of basic and clinical research in burns. Within his laboratory he has two active groups, one focuses on stem cells and skin regeneration and the other focuses on the immunometabolism aspects of burn.

The stem cell and skin regeneration group employs different in vitro and in vivo approaches to investigate the process of healing post-injury including immune and inflammatory mediators affecting stem cells. Finding new sources of stem cells and their combination together with an optimal approach to print cells in a 3D format is the focus of the group.
The immunometabolism group is trying to identify agents that mediate profound metabolic alterations and understanding how these agents function in burn patients. In particular, the group is interested in addressing the role of the communication between the different metabolic organs (mainly liver and adipose tissue) and inflammatory cells in the induction of hypermetabolism and its complications. Additionally the group looks at the pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory role of glucose and adipose as immune mediators.


Senior Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute