Graduate Committees

The Graduate Committee is responsible for PhD admissions, and internal awards decisions for the Department of Immunology as well as other policy matters pertaining to graduate studies within the department. 

Members of the Graduate Committee are:

The Awards Committee is responsible for departmental-level adjudication and decision-making regarding major award competitions like OGS, QEII, as well as Departmental awards like the Dick & Peggy Sharpe Award, and the Cinader Graduate Scholarship.

Members of the Awards Committee are:

  • Dr. Thierry Mallevaey (Committee Chair)
    Associate Chair, Graduate Studies 
  • Dr. Matthew Buechler
  • Dr. Sarah Crome
  • Dr. Marc de Perrot
  • Dr. Adam Gehring
  • Dr. Arthur Mortha
  • Dr. Dana Philpott
  • Dr. Olga Rojas

The MSc Admissions Committee is responsible for MSc admissions.

Members of the MSc Admissions Committee are:

  • Dr. Korosh Kianizad (Committee Chair)
    Manager, Applied Immunology MSc and Research Programs
  • Dr. Omar Khan
  • Dr. Veronique Miron
  • Dr. Tereza Martinu
  • Dr. Jasty Singh
  • Dr. TJ Yi
  • Dr. JC Zúñiga-Pflücker