MSc (non-thesis) in Applied Immunology

The MSc in the field of Applied Immunology is a non-thesis graduate program that is geared to provide advanced training in designing, implementing and evaluating Immunological techniques that measure immune responses. To qualify for the degree, each candidate must complete specified course work and a major research project.

Characteristics Unique to the Applied Immunology program

  • Fixed length -  The duration of the MSc degree in Applied Immunology will be 6 sessions (F/W/S/F/W/S) or 24 months, although some students may be eligible for advanced standing and may complete the MSc in Applied Immunology in 4 sessions (S/F/W/S), or 16 months.
  • Instead of a thesis, students produce smaller reports and project proposals throughout their studies.  These reports and proposals are submitted via oral and written presentations.
  • There is also time reserved at the end of the program for professional development and possible internship opportunities at local companies.

What Our Alumni Are Doing

Schematic showing careers for applied immunology alumni


  • Students in the Applied Immunology program will receive an annual stipend equal to their tuition plus incidental academic fees.
  • Additionally, Ontario students are eligible for tuition grants via OSAP.

Degree Requirements

  • Successful completion of the MSc in the field of Applied Immunology requires both lab and course work.


Please note that we unfortunately cannot accept international students into the MSc in Applied Immunology graduate program at this time.  International students are encouraged to apply to our PhD in Fundamental Immunology graduate program.