Major Program in Immunology

Sidney Smith Hall

(8 full courses or their equivalents, including two 400-series courses)

The Immunology Major Program is a Limited program. Only students with an average of 70% or higher in all of the required first-year courses and a minimum of 60% in each of these courses will be considered for entrance into the major program. Enrolment is limited and selection is based on performance in the following first-year required courses: BIO120H1, BIO130H1, CHM135H1, CHM136H1. Students may combine the immunology major program with another major program within Science, Social Sciences, or Humanities.

First Year:

  • BIO120H1
  • BIO130H1
  • CHM135H1 
  • CHM136H1 

Second Year:

  • BCH210H1
  • BIO230H1
  • IMM250H1
  • BIO260H1 / HMB265H1
  • One course from the following list:
    • BIO220H1 / STA288H1 / TRN225Y1 / TRN236H1 / CHM247H1 / CHM249H1

Third Year*:

  • IMM340H1
  • IMM350H1
  • CSB349H1 / BCH311H1
  • One full-course equivalent from the following list:
    • BCH370H1 / MGY377H1 / MGY378H1 / PHL281H1

Fourth Year*:

  1. One full-course equivalent from the following list
  • IMM428H1 / IMM429H1 / IMM430H1 / IMM431H1 / IMM432H1 / IMM433H1 / IMM435H1** / MIJ485H1***

* Students considering graduate school are encouraged to add the additional non-compulsory IMM385Y and/or IMM450Y1 research course(s), if space permits.
** This course is capped at 40 students. Priority will be given to Immunology Specialist students, followed by Immunology Major students.
*** MIJ485H1 requires MGY377H1 & MGY378H1 as pre-requisites.

The emphasis of the Specialist and Major programs are to provide students with a sound theoretical understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of non-self recognition, together with sufficient laboratory experience to enable the students to consider embarking on a career in the discipline.