Department Committees

Department Executive Committee

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Jasty Singh
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Prof. Thierry Mallevaey Associate Chair – International Collaborations and Initiatives, Prof. Dr. Eleanor Fish
Associate Chairs – Postdoctoral, Drs. Sarah Crome and Tania Watts
Associate Chair – Research, Dr. Dana Philpott,
plus two senior faculty members, Drs. Jayne Danska and Pamela Ohashi, jointly form a Senior Advisory Group or Executive Committee.

This group provides advice to the Chair on a wide range of issues that impact on the Department.

Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee is chaired by Dr. Thierry Mallevaey, Associate Chair - Graduate Studies, who also serves as the Graduate Coordinator.

The Graduate committee includes six senior faculty members. This committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the graduate program starting with the initial screening of applicants to the graduate program. Following assessment of the applicants’ dossiers, potential candidates are each interviewed by two members of the graduate committee before a final decision is made as to the applicant’s admissibility to the Department.

The Graduate Awards Committee, a subcommittee of the Graduate Committee, evaluates candidates for studentship applications; many of the external funding agencies now require departments to restrict the number of applicants per department or rank submitted candidates.

The Graduate Committee also suggests changes in internal policy. This is an extremely well-functioning and hard-working committee that is essential to the mission of the Department with its role in selecting the best available graduate applicants.

Undergraduate Committee

The Undergraduate Committee brings together the coordinators of the various undergraduate courses, under the leadership of Dr. Jastaran Singh, Associate Chair - Undergraduate Studies, who serves as the Undergraduate Coordinator.

This committee evaluates the undergraduate curriculum, ensures that the various courses are complementary to one another, discusses how best to use the available faculty members in support of undergraduate teaching and how best to deliver the program.

The Undergraduate Committee plays an important role in the design and implementation of the new Immunology courses and continues to be an important forum for the design and development of the Undergraduate programs.


Appointments and Promotions Committee

The Appointments and Promotions Committee is headed by the Chair of the Department and includes five senior members of the Department, Drs. Cindy Guidos, Alberto Martin, Joan Wither, Minna Woo, and Rae Yeung.

The committee is formulated to contain a balance of male and female members, and representation from the Research Institutes, including cross-appointed clinician scientists. This committee reviews the promotion dossiers of status-only faculty members who are being considered for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and dossiers of all faculty members who are being considered for promotion to Full Professor. Promotion of tenure-stream Assistant Professors to Associate Professor is under the purview of candidate specific Tenure Review Committees.

The Promotions and Appointments Committee evaluates dossiers and makes recommendations to the Decanal Promotions Committee. It also oversees the appointment of status-only faculty to the Department, either as primary appointments or as cross-appointees. 

Department Representatives for Faculty Council

Prof. Chao Wang

Prof. Matthew Buechler