COVID-19 Infosheets

Graduate students from our department have created info sheets on the current COVID-19 pandemic that help explain some of the immunology-related issues.


Recent Publications From Our Department

Aguilar OA, Tanaka M, et al. 2020. Tetramer Immunization and Selection Followed by CELLISA Screening to Generate Monoclonal Antibodies against the Mouse Cytomegalovirus m12 Immunoevasin. Journal Of Immunology205:1709-1717

Baranek T, Lebrigand K, et al. 2020. High Dimensional Single-Cell Analysis Reveals iNKT Cell Developmental Trajectories and Effector Fate Decision. Cell Reports32

Agache I, Rocha C, et al. . Efficacy and safety of treatment with omalizumab for chronic spontaneous urticaria: A systematic review for the EAACI Biologicals Guidelines. Allergy

Vinaik R, Barayan D, et al. 2020. Regulation of glycolysis and the Warburg effect in wound healing. Jci Insight5

Jeschke MG, Chung KK, et al. . Why Are Infections Important in Burn Patients?. Surgical Infections

Choi Y, Salit I, et al. 2020. Anal dysplasia and HIV shedding in ART-treated men. Sexually Transmitted Infections96:399-401

St Paul M, Ohashi PS. 2020. The Roles of CD8(+) T Cell Subsets in Antitumor Immunity. Trends In Cell Biology30:695-704

Singh J, Mohtashami M, et al.. 2020. Thymic Engraftment by in vitro-Derived Progenitor T Cells in Young and Aged Mice. Front Immunol11:1850

Last Updated October 5, 2020

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Nov 2 DOI Faculty Meeting
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