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Last Updated May 26, 2023


See the basic research related to, and informational pamphlets about the current COVID-19 pandemic from our faculty and students.


View a presentation from Professor Tania Wattsexplaining the immunology of COVID-19 as well as information relating to the newly developed vaccines.

IMMpress Magazine Cover drawing showing an astronaut floating in a tiny universe of microbes

IMMPress Magazine

Though invisible to the naked eye, the microbiome makes up around 0.3% of our total body mass and is equivalent to the number of cells in our human body. The complex relationship between the human body and the microbiome can be observed in processes as drastic as the manifestation of diseases and as simple as the absorption of nutrients. These small but mighty microorganisms hold sizable power in influencing the way our body functions. With increasing knowledge of the field, we are starting to explore how to manipulate it to improve our health and the outcome of disease.