BD Biosciences Immunology Post-Doctoral Lecture Sponsorship

This award recognizes an outstanding postdoctoral fellow who has demonstrated excellence in research at the Department of Immunology. This lecture award is made possible by BD Biosciences’ continued sponsorship of the Department Immunology Summer Retreat Program.

This award comes not only with a monetary award but provides with an opportunity to deliver a special Lecture to the Department of Immunology highlighting your recent work. 

2023 - Sabelo Lukhele

2022 - Yuqing Feng

2021 - Conglei Li

2020 - Sarah Dick

2019 - Laura Snell

2018 - Stephen Scally

2017 - Sue Tsai

2016 - Ali Abdul-Sater

2015 - David Prescott

2014 - Antoaneta Belcheva

2013 - Dirk Brenner