Graduate Stipends and Scholarships

All prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply to both the National and Provincial agencies for scholarship support. For undergraduate students considering graduate school these applications should be made at the appropriate time in their final year of undergraduate study (deadlines are in October or November). Remember it is possible to decline a scholarship offer if one's plans change later in the year, but it is not possible to make a late application once the deadline has passed. Prospective graduate students should, therefore, inform themselves fully about their scholarship prospects as early in their final undergraduate year as possible.

Graduate students in the Department of Immunology are eligible to recieve funding from a variety of sources.  These sources can include:

Stipends ➜

The Department of Immunology has a policy that all students pursuing an MSc or a PhD in Fundamental Immunology are to be supported at the level prescribed by the Faculty of Medicine.  Students purusing an MSc in the Applied Immunology field of study are also eligible for a stipend.

External Awards ➜

All students in the Department are encouraged to apply to all external awards for which they are eligible.  These external awards can include the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), and the Tri-council awards (i.e. NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, and Vanier Scholarships).

Internal Awards ➜

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

Additionally, students are encouraged to visit the School of Graduate Studies funding site.