IMM428H1/IMM1428H - Molecular Immunology

Course Description:

This course will focus on the molecular and cellular biology of immune recognition. The course will emphasize historical and recent experimental evidence leading to our current understanding of immune recognition. Subtopics are subject to change and have recently included mechanisms of diversification of immunoglobulin receptors, T cell –MHC interactions, T cell activation and signaling mechanisms; receptors of the innate immune system; biology of innate lymphoid cells.

Note: Graduate students in this course will have to complete additional requirements.  Details are available in the course syllabus.

Course Coordinator:

Dr. Tania H. Watts

Prerequisite (Undergraduate Students Only):

BCH210H1/BCH242Y1, BCH311H/CSB349H1/MGY311Y1/PSL350H1, IMM350H1/IMM351H1


Fall 2022 Syllabus