IMM1650Y - Major Research Project in Immunology III

Course Description

IMM1650Y is one of four courses, along with IMM1450Y, IMM1550Y, and IMM1651H which are an essential requirement for successful completion of the Master’s in Applied Immunology graduate program. This course is worth 1.0 total credits.

In this course, the student will undertake the research proposal generated in IMM1550Y. This research will be centred on a self-contained project.

The final findings of the research will be given as both an oral presentation, and a written report, due in late-April or early-May.  The final report will detail the background for the project, the methodology used, the results obtained, the interpretation of the results as well as future directions and recommendations as well as a financial report comparing the actual costs incurred to those which were budgeted in the IMM1550Y proposal.