IMM2021H/2100H - Special Topics in Immunology I and II (Immunology Tonight)

Course Description:

Students (2 per session) will propose 3-4 detailed experiments designed to advance their graduate research project.

Students will provide a brief background of their research topic (including the most relevant preliminary data generated by the student or others in the lab), followed by an overall hypothesis for the thesis project. For each experimental approach, the student will be expected to then present a detailed rationale, experimental design, expected and unexpected outcomes, potential challenges and possible mitigation strategies.

Engagement of the students in the material presented is crucial to the success of this course. Therefore, credit for attendance of each session will be given only if the student has participated in the evening's discussion.

** For students that have completed their Reclassification or Qualification Exam, there is an additional component, which consists of several sessions of Graduate Professional Development (GPD).

Presenters and students who are due to attend, please sign up in advancefor the sessions you'll be attending.

2017-2018 List of Presenters

Course Coordinator:

Dr. Naoto Hirano and Dr. Clinton Robbins



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