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Recent Publications From Our Department

Yamashita Yuki, Anczurowski Mark, et al. 2017. HLA-DP84Gly constitutively presents endogenous peptides generated by the class I antigen processing pathway. Nature Communications8

She Zhe, Topping Kristin, et al. 2017. Detection of the Lipopeptide Pam3CSK4 Using a Hybridized Toll-like Receptor Electrochemical Sensor. Analytical Chemistry89:4882-4888

Cavallari Joseph F., Fullerton Morgan D., et al. 2017. Muramyl Dipeptide-Based Postbiotics Mitigate Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance via IRF4. Cell Metabolism25:1063-+

Sun T., Rojas O. L., et al. 2017. Intestinal Batf3-dependent dendritic cells are required for optimal antiviral T-cell responses in adult and neonatal mice. Mucosal Immunology10:775-788

Shukla Shreya, Langley Matthew A., et al. 2017. Progenitor T-cell differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells using Delta-like-4 and VCAM-1. Nature Methods14:531-+

Oke Sofia, Martin Alberto. 2017. Insights into the role of the intestinal microbiota in colon cancer. Therapeutic Advances In Gastroenterology10:417-428

Sarswat Amit, Wasilewski Ewa, et al. 2017. Inhibitors of protein arginine deiminases and their efficacy in animal models of multiple sclerosis. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry25:2643-2656

Zlotnikov Nataliya, Javid Ashkan, et al. 2017. Infection with the Lyme disease pathogen suppresses innate immunity in mice with diet-induced obesity. Cellular Microbiology19

Kang Mingsong, Martin Alberto. 2017. Microbiome and colorectal cancer: Unraveling host-microbiota interactions in colitis-associated colorectal cancer development. Seminars In Immunology

Chen Jun, Zhong Ming-Chao, et al. 2017. SLAMF7 is critical for phagocytosis of haematopoietic tumour cells via Mac-1 integrin. Nature544:493-+

Knox James J., Buggert Marcus, et al. 2017. T-bet(+) B cells are induced by human viral infections and dominate the HIV gp140 response. Jci Insight2

Mak Tak W., Grusdat Melanie, et al. 2017. Glutathione Primes T Cell Metabolism for Inflammation. Immunity46:675-689

Lee Jeong Hyun, Andrabi Raiees, et al. 2017. A Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Targets the Dynamic HIV Envelope Trimer Apex via a Long, Rigidified, and Anionic beta-Hairpin Structure. Immunity46:690-702

Schwartz Jordan Ari, Clayton Kiera L, et al. 2017. Tim-3 is a Marker of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Dysfunction during HIV Infection and Is Associated with the Recruitment of IRF7 and p85 into Lysosomes and with the Submembrane Displacement of TLR9. Journal Of Immunology (baltimore, Md. : 1950)198:3181-3194

Li Rui, Rezk Ayman, et al. 2017. Antibody-Independent Function of Human B Cells Contributes to Antifungal T Cell Responses. Journal Of Immunology (baltimore, Md. : 1950)198:3245-3254

Matsumoto Yoshinori, Larose Jose, et al. 2017. RANKL coordinates multiple osteoclastogenic pathways by regulating expression of ubiquitin ligase RNF146. Journal Of Clinical Investigation127:1303-1315

Kahr Walter H. A., Pluthero Fred G., et al. 2017. Loss of the Arp2/3 complex component ARPC1B causes platelet abnormalities and predisposes to inflammatory disease. Nature Communications8

Kan Nobuhiko, Silverman Earl D., et al. 2017. Serial echocardiography for immune-mediated heart disease in the fetus: results of a risk-based prospective surveillance strategy. Prenatal Diagnosis37:375-382

Gorczynski Reginald M., Zhu Fang, et al. 2017. A comparison of serum miRNAs influencing metastatic growth of EMT6 vs 4THM tumor cells in wild-type and CD200R1KO mice. Breast Cancer Research And Treatment162:255-266

Gorczynski Reginald M., Sadozai Hassan, et al. 2017. Effect of infusion of monoclonal antibodies to tumour necrosis factor-receptor super family 25 on graft rejection in allo-immune mice receiving autologous marrow transplantation. Immunology150:418-431

Wang Ben X., Grover Stephanie A., et al. 2017. Interferon-Stimulated Gene Expression as a Preferred Biomarker for Disease Activity in Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome. Journal Of Interferon And Cytokine Research37:147-152

Abdullahi Abdikarim, Stanojcic Mile, et al. 2017. MODELING ACUTE ER STRESS IN VIVO AND IN VITRO. Shock47:506-513

Last Updated May 26, 2017


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