Graduate Courses

2018-2019 Departmental Course Timetable

2018 Immunology Timetable

Immunology Graduate Course List

Note: IMM1428, IMM1429, IMM1430, IMM1435, IMM1450, IMM1550, IMM1650, IMM1651 or JPI1014 cannot be used by students to satisfy the thesis-based MSc or PhD degree requirements in Fundamental Immunology. Students interested in taking IMM1428, IMM1429 and IMM1430 should consult with the course coordinator.

Pre-Approved Course List (PhD 3rd half-credit & Applied Immunology credits)

The following courses are pre-approved for the PhD student’s third half-credit, or an Applied Immunology student's additional course requirements, and do not require approval from the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies in order to enrol:

  • BTC1850H - Creating Life Science Products

  • BTC1860H - Generation of Advanced Medicine: Biologics in Therapy (GAMBiT) [requires submission of an Add/Drop form]

  • CSB1018H - Advanced Microscopy & Imaging

  • CSB1472H - Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics

  • IMM1436H - Techniques in Immunology 

  • JBZ1472H - Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics

  • JDB1025H - Developmental Biology

  • JFK1120H - Selected Topics in Drug Development I

  • JFK1121H - Selected Topics in Drug Development II

  • JTB2010H - Proteomics and Functional Genomics

  • JTB2020H - Applied Bioinformatics

  • LMP1006H - Cellular Imaging in Pathobiology

  • LMP1016H - Concepts in Inflammatory/Autoimmune Arthritis

  • LMP1019H - Research techniques in Molecular Biology and Pathobiology

  • LMP1020H - Inflammation, Immunity and Immunopathology of Atherosclerosis

  • MMG1012H - Topics In Molecular Genetics

  • MSC1090H - Introduction to Computational BioStatistics with R

  • MSC7000Y - Regenerative Medicine

  • PHM1122H - Drug Development

  • PSL1014H - Gastrointestinal Epithelium