Internal Awards

Cinader Prize and Miller Award

The Department offers two prizes, the Cinader Prize and the Miller Award, which by longstanding tradition, are awarded at the Immunology Department Christmas Party. Students who earned their PhD in the course of the previous year and students who are expected to earn it in the ensuing year are eligible.

The Miller Award, which is given in honor of Richard Miller, the first Chair of the Immunology Department, is to be awarded to a student who has provided important leadership within the Department and/or the University. The Cinader Prize is given in honor of Bernhard (Hardi) Cinader, founder of the Immunology Institute, a precursor of the Immunology Department. This prize is to be awarded to a student for outstanding accomplishments in research.

The graduate committee is charged with selecting the winners and welcomes nominations. An announcement requesting nominations is distributed to all members of the Department in November of each year.

Cinader Graduate Scholarship

The Bernhard (Hardi) Cinader Graduate Scholarship in Immunology is valued at $5,000 and is awarded annually. Its purpose is to recognize students in our department based on outstanding academic and scientific achievements as well as financial need. Students who apply for OGS will be automatically considered for this award.

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